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Sporting a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 3.1-megapixel rear-facing camera, and 1,500mAh battery, the Samsung Z1 resembles many other entry-level smartphones already on the market. But what differentiates this handset is that it's the first smartphone launch to feature Tizen, Samsung's homegrown but oft-delayed operating system. Originally pitched nearly two years ago as an alternative to the stranglehold that Google's Android and Apple's iOS has on the smartphone industry, Tizen's rocky road to market underscores the difficulties of creating a new mobile platform.

Samsung and Intel spearheaded Tizen's development, and Japan's NTT Docomo committed to using the OS on high-end smartphones, The operating system, which is open-source but has Android elements that the company licenses from Google, promised mobile carriers a chance to embrace an open operating system that they could customize to better directly serve man u iphone case their subscribers, Samsung initially planned to launch a high-end, Tizen-powered handset by September 2013, but it repeatedly delayed the release by several months, Development faced some hiccups, such as Japanese carrier partner NTT DoCoMo calling off its plans to offer a Tizen phone, and Samsung got relatively quiet about the OS, raising questions about whether the company would continue to push the operating system..

The South Korean electronics giant has since changed its OS market strategy, forgoing high-end smartphones for the low- and midrange markets. While Samsung has had to scale down its mobile ambitions for Tizen, the OS could still help Samsung defend itself against lower end competition from Chinese and Indian smartphone makers. The Samsung Z1 sports an unsubsidized price of 5,700 Indian rupees (converting to about $90, AU$110, £60) for the phones, pitting it squarely against phones in Google's low-cost Android One program.

Samsung's mobile division, which typically accounts for two-thirds of the company's revenue, has been hit hard by saturation in the high-end market and intensifying pressure on the low end, Profits in Samsung's IT & mobile communications divisions tumbled 74 percent in the third quarter year-over-year, in part due to a lower average selling price for smartphones, man u iphone case The company is also facing new competition from low-cost phone vendors such as China's Xiaomi and India's Micromax, which offer cheap devices with high-end specs in their local markets..

Samsung is positioning the Z1 as an entertainment device as much as a communication device. "The smartphone market in India is rapidly evolving, with many consumers using their device as their screen of choice for content including videos, television programs and video games, as well as a range of apps," Hyun Chil Hong, CEO of Samsung India Electronics, said in a statement. "We have customized the Samsung Z1 to meet these unique, entertainment-focused needs of local Indian consumers for a personal and reliable mobile experience."Z1 owners will have access to more than 270,000 songs that can be streamed or downloaded, as well as more than 80 live TV channels through the digital entertainment store Club Samsung. A free entertainment package called "Joy Box" will give Z1 users access to music, movies, and TV programs.

Imagine a pair of large headphones with eyewear embedded inside the headband, and you have the general idea: you wear these gadgets over your eyes, in cyborg-style mode, I tried two of the more promising versions in Las Vegas last week at CES, Both are arriving this year, and both are nearly virtual reality headsets..but really, they're made to mainly view videos and play games, The Avegant Glyph made its debut last year; the optical technology is innovative, because it uses DLP display technology and micromirrors to beam man u iphone case an image right into your eye, The 720p image ends up crisper and brighter than the typical tiny screen-in-your-face, without some of the extra-pixilated "screen door" effect in lens-magnified virtual-reality headsets, I tried the latest prototype, and it played a section of "How to Train your Dragon 2," but with some lines of interference during my demo, It looks like a tiny movie theater has been put over your eyes -- the screen sits at the back of a little box-like zone, creating a sensation of distance..

The Glyph has pretty boomy, crisp audio, too: these are definitely geared towards entertainment. But, they could be used for some VR-type gaming and augmented-reality use cases, in theory: an inner accelerometer and gyro allow for head-tracking, and in a 360-degree video demo I was able to look around me..but the effect was far less fluid than with a pair of VR goggles like Samsung Gear VR. Avegant is working on a wider field-of-view version that could offer a more immersive viewing range, for use cases like controlling drones.

The Avegant Glyph uses standard HDMI input and can display 2D or 3D content from a phone (iPhone, Android, or other), game console, TV, or whatever else you can dream up, It's a head-mounted 720p display with benefits, I tried it out with my iPhone man u iphone case and played a few Netflix shows, Each eyepiece can be adjusted separately (focus and pupillary distance), but they didn't quite work with my very bad -9 vision: I had to squint a bit, They're better than a year ago, but I'm hoping they'll eventually work perfectly with my eyes, too..