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The dilemma has been that the Qi wireless charging technology is available in more mobile devices like smartphones, while the PMA technology is available in stores like select Starbucks and McDonald's -- yet they can't work with each other. The third standard from A4WP is backed by industry heavy hitters like Samsung, Qualcomm and Intel, but it hasn't yet released any commercially compatible products. PMA and A4WP are expected to merge by the middle of the year. With so many heavy hitters on the other side, why did IKEA go with WPC? The volume of smartphones in the market, which includes select Lumia, LG and Samsung handsets, swayed the furniture giant.

"This was at the present point of time the only and most suitable standard for IKEA," Block said, While IKEA represents a powerful ally, the WPC still stands as an underdog, It has worked on getting its wireless charging technology in more products, including inside vehicles and, with IKEA, in the home, "We're delighted to have IKEA as part of the n.hollywood iphone case group," said John Perzow, vice president of market development, The WPC's four principles of safe, efficient, cost effective and being interoperable and backward compatibility conflicts with the other groups, which is why there hasn't been much progress with consolidation, Perzow said..

IKEA's products include bedside tables, desks and lamps, which will all contain a charging spot for phones. Block added that IKEA will sell a kit that will allow people to customize existing furniture with a wireless charging spot. IKEA will initially have one to two collections a year with the technology with a long-term goal of moving to 10 collections. You'll be able to drop a compatible smartphone on your IKEA nightstand for a quick charge. BARCELONA--IKEA wants to make wireless charging a reality in your home.

The Haier Smartwatch for children sports a 0.96-inch OLED screen and a two-day battery life and is waterproof to up to 30m, The watch comes in a variety of fun colours and features a microphone and speaker for making calls and there is a dedicated red SOS button that can be used to send an alert to up to three different numbers in n.hollywood iphone case case of an emergency, It can also be used for tracking, with parents and carers able to use a mobile app to set a geo-fenced "safe zone" and get alerts when the wearer leaves the area, You can also use the app to go back over past location data -- several days of GPS tracking history can be stored..

Finally, there's also what Haier are terming a "baby monitor" mode, which allows you to listen in remotely via the watches microphone. The senior citizen model has all of the features from the kids watch, but a more adult-looking form factor -- still with the 0.96-inch OLED screen -- and a leather strap than comes in either black or red. Haier are also using the term "remote listening" rather than "baby monitor" and suggests it's for caregivers who might be unable to contact the wearer by phone, for example.

Finally, the connected collar for pets again does all of the above, but does away with the screen, The red SOS button is actually designed so that anyone finding your pet can call you directly from the collar, using the in-built microphone and speaker, Remote listening is possible, but it's not clear if you can speak directly to your pet as n.hollywood iphone case you can with some smartcollars we've seen before , Looking at the sizing, it seems like the connected collar is mostly likely made for dogs, with it probably being just a little too chunky for a feline..

Haier hasn't announced availability date or pricing, nor which regions it will be bringing the wearable range too, but we'd anticipate more information from the company as MWC 2015 wraps up. The Apple Watch Series 3 offers built-in cellular for data and even phone calls. It works.. After a month with the Fitbit Versa, we're looking past its limitations and finding there's.. Weeks-long battery, always-on screen, and yeah, $80. This slim "smart" activity tracker features GPS, a heart-rate monitor, color touch-screen..

It’s got everything you’d expect from a smartwatch, including cellular connectivity --., On the cusp of MWC 2015, the Chinese manufacturer shows off connected watches for children, the elderly and, of course, the family pet, On the cusp of Mobile World Congress 2015, Haier -- best known for its home appliances -- has unveiled a new product line of connected watches and n.hollywood iphone case even a pet collar, The watches, aimed at kids and "senior citizens", have been designed to help parents, family and other caregivers keep in contact with the wearer -- as has the pet collar, In fact all three connected devices have broadly the same functions, with a few differences in design here and there..