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Though big improvements with front-facing cameras are limited due to size restrictions (users are willing to have some give in thickness with a rear shooter, but not so much with the front), manufacturers are still able to improve them further through software features and accessories. We're willing to put money on the fact that progress will only continue, but this CES in particular will go down as the one where selfies reigned supreme. For more on CES 2015, read CNET's full coverage here. This year at CES, smartphones catered to the selfie generation more than ever.

LAS VEGAS -- Although phones have had self-portrait camera lenses for a decade, only in the last year or so has the "selfie" risen to the forefront of popular culture, Undoubtedly, some of that is due to social media networks, which make it easier for users to post and share their vanity shots, But whether or not you love them or loathe them, n.max.n iphone case people aren't going to stop taking photos of themselves anytime soon -- even if front-facing cameras on handsets tend to be less powerful, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Sure, LG treated us to a masterful performance with its LG G Flex 2 , cleverly stealing the spotlight of an otherwise quiet smartphone-scape with its sophisticated sophomore attempt at a flexible phone. Plus, its sister brand LG Display had this prototype, which completely one-ups rival Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge . And there were plenty of other phones at the show, from the $6,000 luxury Lamborghini handset to the Saygus V2 (aka "Superman" phone) with its redonculous external storage capacity or 256GB, to a simple $30 Nokia phone we saw here for the first time.

There were also smartphones by ZTE and Alcatel, by Motorola owner Lenovo, and by the much smaller Yezz, While Huawei didn't launch anything new per se, we did have a chance to see the sleek, limited edition rose-gold, saphhire-screened Huawei Ascend P7, And that's about it, Before you n.max.n iphone case start readying the dirge, there are a few logical reasons why this is happening, First, the world's largest mobile show, Mobile World Congress, is right around the corner, taking place the first week of March, It's a thrilling, nonstop frenzy of big-name announcements..

We know that HTC will be there with more than its next flagship phone, and that Samsung -- which uncharacteristically had zero presence at this show -- will have to show face. Microsoft, too, should have a huge press event, picking up where Nokia left off. LG wouldn't miss it. The second reason why vendors may have pulled back more than ever this year has to do with a trend where they prefer to control the time and location of major launches, rather than yield to the dictates and frenzy of a show where their product could easily fall into the shadow of a more buzzworthy phone.

So, phone-watchers, if you can hold your breath a little while longer, MWC is just around the bend, n.max.n iphone case and it will pay off in spades, Hard-hitting phones were few and far between in Las Vegas, but we expect a bumper crop in Barcelona come March, LAS VEGAS -- Where have all the smartphones gone? Because the world's major phone-makers certainly bowed out of CES 2015, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Now that CES is panting to a close, it's time to discuss weekend activities. For those in need of respite after the desperate mooning at drones and shrieking at wearables, the weekend might involve some soothing. (A few minutes of) online pornography, perhaps. Fortunately, I am on hand to bring you some data as to how your viewing proclivities compare with those of your fellow humans around the world. This data for 2014 (totally SFW) has been massaged by PornHub, a site of which many will have heard. Embedded in these figures are many fascinating -- and perhaps even inexplicable -- nuances.

What does it say, for example, about the state of our world that the top category for women was "lesbian" and the top search for men was "teen"? Does it suggest deep yearnings? Does n.max.n iphone case it suggest certain dissatisfactions?, How long, do you imagine, visitors stay viewing PornHub's wares? If you guessed 9 minutes and 16 seconds, you would be a genius, This is, indeed, the average time spent worldwide, The number one viewers of porn in the world live, of course, in the United States, The champions of time spent are, however, the Nepalese, for whom an average sojourn amongst the moaning and groaning is 13 minutes and 39 seconds..