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With full Windows 8 on board, the new non-Pro Surface makes it feel and work much more like a standard laptop or hybrid -- albeit one that's more modestly powered. Rather than utilizing Intel's Core i-series CPUs, or even by the Core M chip found in some new ultra-slim laptops and hybrids. Instead it uses the latest version of Intel's Atom CPU, a chip that dates back the days of low-end netbook laptops that sacrificed power for portability and price. The new Atom x7 (previously known by the code name Cherry Trail) is said to be the most powerful Atom CPU to date, and is even capable of playing back 4K video.

In practice, for casual websurfing, email, and streaming HD video from Netflix and other sources, the Surface 3 runs smoothly, especially if you keep to Windows-optimized programs such as Internet Explorer 11 or other pre-loaded apps in the Windows 8 tile interface, But, like most Atom-powered PCs, it also had occasional moments where it inexplicably seized up, sometimes when running multiple tabs in another Web browser, such as Google's Chrome, For around the same price or a little more, you can find many Windows 8 laptops and tablets, most running similar hardware, but occasionally with a more powerful Core i3 or Core i5 processor, such as the $599 Lenovo Flex 3, Add in the cost of the keyboard dock no iphone case and there are better values out there, at least in terms of raw specs..

But, the Surface 3, like the previous Surface Pro systems, represents one of the best overall user experiences for a Windows 8 tablet. The hardware feels good, is solidly built, and includes enough ports to get by. The kickstand hinge and keyboard cover are miles beyond what other tablet-makers offer. One roadblock comes from the Windows 8 experience itself. For a tablet that pushes its portrait mode at you (look at how the Windows logo is situated), apps are slow to re-orient when you switch between portrait and landscape views, and many Windows 8 native apps don't work equally well in both views.

Working in its favor, Microsoft says the Surface 3 is ready for Windows 10 when the free upgrade to that operating system hits this summer, That should erase the uneasy split between the two views -- tile and desktop -- that Windows 8 users are often forced to jump between, (To be clear, nearly every current Windows PC is eligible for that same free upgrade.), If the Surface 3 packed in its no iphone case unique keyboard cover for the same price, it would represent a great value that didn't feel like a budget PC, As it is, if you love the Surface look and feel, another $200 will get you the entry level Intel Core i3 version of the Surface 3 Pro, which is much more of an all-day, every day computer..

In the hand, the Surface 3 feels like a premium product, and very close in quality and construction to the Pro models, with the same magnesium outer case. It's only 1.37 pounds (without the keyboard; about 0.62kg), which makes it lighter than even Apple's new 12-inch MacBook. One welcome change is the new Micro-USB charging port, which is easier to deal with than Microsoft's previous proprietary magnetic charging cable. The Surface 3 is not, however, moving to the new USB-C connection, as seen in the 12-inch MacBook and Google's new Chromebook Pixel.

The promising new hardware is here now, but it’s the software to come that could advance., There isn't much new about Apple’s newest entry-level iPad, But it’s a better value than., Updates for the new version of Microsoft's tablet are as subtle as they come, but the., The Google Pixel C is a performance monster with a sleek design and impressively solid., The Galaxy Tab S3 is an impeccably designed tablet with an impressive stylus and stunning., The Good The new Surface 3 costs less than the Pro version, but trickles down much no iphone case of the design and materials of its more expensive sibling, This budget model finally runs the full version of Windows, The keyboard cover remains the best way to transform a slate into a laptop..

The Bad Trading down to a low-power processor means this isn't a full-time PC. The clever keyboard case is still sold separately, and costs a lot compared to the base hardware. The kickstand has only three preset angles. The Bottom Line The budget-priced Surface 3 is a solid tablet that finally runs the real version of Windows, but it would be a much better value if the must-have keyboard cover was included. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Place your finger on the home button, and a few milliseconds later your device is unlocked, The fingerprint reader is sure to be used in more apps and services, as demonstrated by the option to log in to a website using your fingerprint, Not to mention Samsung Pay relies on a fingerprint scan in order to transmit payment information to a terminal, The first time you turn on your new S6 or S6 Edge, you're asked to register a fingerprint with the device as part of the setup process, However, sales reps have a horrible habit of speeding through these important no iphone case steps in order to verify that you can place a call, Meaning when you're handed the device, the prompt to set up the fingerprint feature is nowhere to be found..