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"I don't want to get sucked into a geopolitical equation," he told Reuters. China is notorious for requesting user data in an attempt to quell unrest and maintain censorship. Many companies capitulate to those demands to stay on the good side of the government and capitalize on the country's burgeoning consumer market. Throughout its history, BlackBerry has resisted providing user data to authorities and says its encryption makes it nearly impossible to generate some requested information. Earlier this month, Chen said BlackBerry has survived its toughest times and now wants to The struggling handset maker withdrew from the broader consumer market over the last year, focusing instead on the corporate and government world where security and a tactile keyboard are more valued. Orders for the square BlackBerry Passport phone got off to a promising start in September and have reportedly since increased. BlackBerry also offered more details on a new version of its mobile-device management software for enterprise customers, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12, on Thursday. The software brings secure group collaboration and two-factor authentication to BlackBerry devices, and will also work with Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systems.

Still, BlackBerry doesn't plan to p phone case shop completely ignore China, There are still "opportunities" in China that BlackBerry will explore, Chen told Reuters, BlackBerry did not respond to a request for comment, An expansion into China could put BlackBerry's security reputation at risk, John Chen tells Reuters, As the world's largest smartphone market, China represents a big opportunity for device makers, BlackBerry, however, has decided not to expand into the country -- for now, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

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15 crazy old phones from a Korean museum (pictures)Want to see a really big, really old cell phone from the 1980s? Yes, you do. Don't miss this unbelievable TV phone from back in the day, and a handset Neo would call his own. Think you know Samsung's first smartwatch and laptop? You don't (pictures) Housed in Samsung's sprawling South Korean headquarters are startling reminders of our gadget past. Check out old-school marvels like its first-ever smartwatch and a laptop with a music player. LG G3 Screen is G3's octa-core twin (hands-on) With its new G3 variant, LG gets into octa-core chipsets and gives it customers a cheaper local offer.

Flippable LG Wine Smart Android clamshell looks cooler than it sounds (hands-on) All the power of Android condensed into a 3.5-inch screen may be the best of both worlds for people who really love their flip phones, When you stop by the global headquarters of two well-respected electronics giants, you learn a few things, Here are a CNET editor's stories from Seoul, The roaring whir of a helicopter's blades chopping through the air, A quartet of smartphones with digital googly eyes, p phone case shop An in-car navigator that warns of speed traps..

Notifications are now displayed front and center on the screen. They can be swiped either to the left or to the right to be dismissed, or you can double tap them to jump right into an app. A simple swipe up from the bottom will unlock your stock Android device, while sliding your finger from left to right will open the phone app and a swipe from right to left will open the camera. It's convenient to have notifications displayed right on the lock screen, but not everyone is going to like this new feature. Luckily there are a few options to limit notifications or disable them from appearing on the lock screen.

Head to Settings and click Sound & Notification, There are three options to choose from in the "When device is locked" option at the bottom of the page: show all notifications, don't' show notifications at all and hide sensitive notification information, The last option -- which will still show an incoming notification, but not any of the content -- will only be available if you have a screen lock pin, pattern or password set up, There is also an option to block specific app notifications entirely, In the Sound & Notification section of the settings menu, select App Notifications, tap the app you no longer want to get notifications from and choose to block it, Alternatively, you can choose to mark an app as "priority" to have it displayed at the top of the list and even come through when the device is set to priority mode, These options can also be p phone case shop accessed with a long-press on a specific notification on the lock screen..