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"It's still just Google Now, the same Google Now that's on your phone, and it leads to really annoying things that feel awkward," he said of Android Wear. Google Now is the search company's virtual personal assistant that answers questions, performs actions, and gives recommendations based on the user's input. Migicovsky might be on to something with his evaluation of Android Wear. Last week, research firm Canalys reported that the market has responded rather unfavorably to Android Wear devices. Products running solely on the operating system hit 720,000 unit shipments in 2014, representing just 15.6 percent of the wearables market. In total, 4.6 million wearables were shipped last year.

"We think it would be under where [Google was] hoping to be by the end of the year," Chris Jones, an analyst and vice president at Canalys, said last week, Because of its heavy focus on notifications that drain battery life, Android Wear doesn't appear optimized for wearables until its developers improve how people use the OS and for how long, Jones added, To make matters worse for Android Wear -- pull n bear iphone case and perhaps even Pebble -- the Apple Watch is lurking around the corner, In a study released Tuesday, research firm CCS Insight predicted that Apple Watch would sell up to 20 million units in 2015, becoming the " most successful smartwatch ever." In total, CCS Insight believes wearable sales will jump to 75 million units in 2015, rising 158 percent year over year..

"The current love affair affluent US consumers have with the iPhone guarantees a strong start for the Apple Watch in its home market," CCS Insight noted. "However, if sales of the Apple Watch fail to meet expectations it could hurt the whole smartwatch market."Until then, however, Pebble is continuing on with its own platform and support for Android Wear. The updated app is available now in Google Play. The feature was previously available in a beta release, but is now open to the public as a free update.

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The "Back to the Future: Part II" DeLorean iPhone 6 case features glowing blue lights and is timed to celebrate the movie's setting in 2015. It's scheduled to ship in June and is up for preorder for around $50 (about £32, AU$64). The case is more than just a cover. It also has some interactive parts. You slide the driver's-side front fender and wheel out of place to uncover the phone's camera. The fender on the other side opens up like a hatch to access controls. The headlights are designed to flash when you get a call. Then, you can experience the joy of chatting into the undercarriage of a DeLorean every time you have a phone conversation.

The time machine look will add a bit of bulk pull n bear iphone case to your formerly sleek iPhone, but with a case like that, you'll want it to be out in the open and not hidden away in a pocket, The DeLorean is the follow-up to a just-as-bizarre Batman Batmobile Tumbler phone case, Bandai seems to have a thing for fictional vehicles hiding iPhones in their underbellies, A DeLorean time-machine-shaped case will make your iPhone look capable of traveling to the past and future in style, Most smartphone cases are meant as an extra layer of protection, Japanese toy company Bandai has released the second in its Crazy Case series of smartphone cases that are a bit outside the norm, These are meant to be showy creations that are more about enthusiasm for fandoms like Batman and "Back to the Future" than they are about practicality..

Samsung has taken to its official global blog to highlight the advances made in wireless charging over the last few years. Among the most notable and recent changes, two of the three wireless charging standards bodies, the PMA and A4WP, agreed to merge. As for the third wireless organization, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), well, it just so happens that Samsung is a card-carrying member there, too. In fact, Samsung has been investing in wireless charging for nearly 15 years. As evidenced by the blog post, Samsung believes this is the year wireless charging really takes off. In other words, the wireless stars have aligned for the next Galaxy handset.

Why all of the focus on wireless charging? Chances are good that the Galaxy S6 will be among the first devices to support all major standards, What's more, charging should also be quicker than that found using previous technologies, It's not uncommon for a company to highlight features ahead of a product announcement, In addition to Samsung, we've also seen HTC and LG talk up pull n bear iphone case components or details prior to a formal device launch, And, why not? It's a great way to tip your hand and generate interest for your product's introduction..