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The Galaxy S6 is Samsung's new "flagship" phone for 2015. It's actually available in two versions: the S6 Edge (top), which features a wraparound screen, and the standard Galaxy S6 (bottom). Except for the screen difference (and the Edge's higher price), the phones are otherwise pretty identical. Like last year's model, the S6 features a 5.1-inch display. This time, it has an ultrahigh resolution of 2,560x1,440 pixels. Samsung is making the Galaxy S6 in gold and blue to jazz up the usual black and white.

The S6 Edge's wild color is emerald rather than blue, Samsung uses a reflective finish to show off the phones' metal back plate, Here's the straight-sided Galaxy S6 in profile, The combination of an embedded (nonremovable) battery and no microSD card slot keep the S6 and S6 Edge slim, The headset jack moves to removing an iphone screen protector the bottom, joining the S6's Micro-USB charging port, The S6's SIM card lives on the right spine, below the power/lock button, On the S6 Edge, the SIM card resides up top, Double-click the home button to pull up the camera..

It's interesting that Samsung went with brushed aluminum rather than a more obvious metal look and feel. Samsung says its Galaxy S6 speaker is 1.5 times louder than the previous generation of mono speaker and can fill a room with sound. Both S6 variants get optical image stabilization and a flash for their 16-megapixel sensors. The 5-megapixel front-facing shooter takes wide-angle selfies. Samsung claims that its larger-aperture lens takes better low light photos. Support for Qi wireless charging built right into the phone means that you can top up your power without plugging in the phone.

Thankfully, the phone hasn't gotten any bigger, In fact, it's thinner, In a few months, Samsung will launch a mobile payment system that uses your fingerprint to buy goods and services, Although the Galaxy S6 runs Samsung's custom TouchWiz interface over Android 5.0 Lollipop, the company has scaled back the number of controls and preloaded apps you see, The app tray includes some folders to group removing an iphone screen protector common apps, like Google and Microsoft services, Samsung apps may not clutter your app tray, but you can download freebies through Galaxy Gifts and Galaxy Essentials mini stores..

The split screen mode is on by default here. You can launch it easily by picking compatible apps from your Recents menu. The Galaxy S6 is more elegant stylings than its predecessor, however, unlike the S5, its battery is non-removable and doesn't have expandable memory. The ___ megapixel camera can shoot up to 4K video and has your usual photo editing staples like HDR, panoramic, and more. Compared to Apple's flagship phone, the Galaxy S6 is bigger. But a new design initiative from Samsung does make the phones look similar.

The niche device manufacturer on Sunday unveiled its plans to create a "BlackBerry Experience Suite," taking BlackBerry features like its Hub messaging portal, virtual keyboard and security capabilities -- among others -- and turning them into a collection of apps and features that will be made available to iPhones, iPads and devices running on the Android and Windows operating systems, The removing an iphone screen protector apps will come later this year, The move is part of a larger shift by BlackBerry toward the more lucrative software and services business, It also signals a willingness to embrace operating systems it previously would have considered a competitive threat, That philosophy is likely encouraged by its struggle to maintain relevancy in the smartphone business -- the BlackBerry operating system ceded even more market share in 2014, falling to 0.4 percent of the market, according to IDC..

"I look at all the assets we have, from the user interface to security -- there was really a hidden gem to build a good book of business," CEO John Chen said on a media conference call. The latest example of its new cross-platform attitude: an updated announcement on its partnership with Samsung and the Knox security platform. BlackBerry said on Sunday that it would bring two new business-class services to Knox: WorkLife, a feature that allows businesses to split their employees' Samsung phones into separate work and personal identities through a "virtual SIM," making it easier to bill for work use; and the SecuSUITE encryption software that Blackberry gained from its acquisition of Secusmart last year.

As part of the deal, BlackBerry will sell the Knox removing an iphone screen protector services to Samsung customers, Likewise, Samsung will sell BlackBerry products and services through Samsung Business Services, a portal that the world's largest cell phone maker has set up for its business clients, "With the introduction of these new services from BlackBerry, the needs of both enterprises and their employees will be met with Samsung Knox devices," said Injong Rhee, executive vice president of Samsung's mobile and IT enterprise business, in a statement..