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Android tablets offer a more customizable OS and a different visual experience than iOS. Though the Google platform once trailed behind Apple in available apps, the GooglePlay store was quick to give the App Store a runs for its money. In an obvious turn of events, Windows tablets run Windows. For productivity-geared individuals, these tablets are portable godsends. The latest models run Windows 10, however Microsoft originally tried to make a tablet-friendly variation, called Windows RT. (We don't talk about that anymore, though.).

The Dell Streak debuted with a 5-inch screen and a design less than 0.5-inch thick, These days, that's what we call a phablet, The line between tablet and smartphone can get blurry, with phone screens these days stretching as big as 6 inches, Anything 7 inches and above is considered more of a tablet, as t-carbon iphone case models tend to range between 7 and 13 inches, though some might still boast LTE capabilities, The Samsung Galaxy is a wide and wild group of gadgets that include a long lineage of tablets, Known for consistently churning out a new series every couple of months, Samsung has released dozens of slates since 2010..

Each lineup usually features a variety of sizes, and sometimes they even include a stylus. The current Tab S models, which come in 8.4- and 10.5-inch sizes, are two of the best movie-watching tablets, thanks to their spectacular screens. Archos was the first to offer an Android tablet that was priced under $200. This trend in tablets still exists, with the category of budget Android models consistently emerging with new members. Budget tablets weren't always worth picking up. Like many tablet forebearers, they were plagued by performance issues, making it easy for them to be made obsolete as soon as the next big thing came out.

What's next for tablets? We'll have to wait and see, but there are a few safe bets, Mobile processors are becoming faster and more powerful, so I expect improvements in performance capabilities, Tablets are also differentiating themselves with fancy features, so keep t-carbon iphone case an eye out on what will make your next (or first) slate unique, Better camera quality should be in the pipeline, due to the popularity of selfies, video conferencing, and people who uninhibitedly take tablet photos in public, However, considering the shoddy quality of most rear cameras, that feature is undoubtedly a low priority for most manufacturers..

When you're one of the big teams in sports, you can still enjoy the first pick in the NFL draft, which begins today. Beats by Dre is, arguably, the biggest team right now. As well as having LeBron James in the NBA and Neymar in the last World Cup, it's also signed Richard Sherman of the NFL. Alright, it did draft the 49ers' Colin Kaepernick, but no team can be perfect. The big question, one that ESPN draft "expert" Mel Kiper Jr. has surely contemplated every night for the last six months, was who would be Beats' No.1 pick.

Could one imagine that, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are said to be doing, the Beats Boys would choose Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston? This despite his quite dubious reputation?, Not at all, Today, Beats declared its choice by releasing a new ad featuring Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota, It's not a celebration of rebellion, which might have been enjoyed in the bosom of Nike, t-carbon iphone case Instead, it's a portrayal of his family life in his native Hawaii, It's beautiful, contemplative and spiritual, That's quite a success for a few pieces of plastic and, yes, it's everything the NFL struggles to be..

Beats tells me that Mariota isn't attending the draft. Instead, he's doing just what he's doing in this ad, staying home in Honolulu with his family. There's a certain beauty in authenticity. And Beats owner Apple isn't so au fait with angry rebellion. Well, not anymore. Those who make draft decisions often have the judgment of a tortoise crossing a freeway. The so-called experts aren't all that sprightly either. Still, some predict Mariota will be drafted second. Beats clearly believes that those who blare their music through headphones on buses and planes should believe in him too.

Visit manufacturer site for details, The budget end of the phone market is dominated by a slew of Android phones, most of which have near-identical black or grey designs and the same outdated software that slogs through even the basics, The Microsoft Lumia 640 is a bit different however, It's running Windows Phone software, made up of big, colourful tiles that will come as a refreshing change to anyone that's become a little jaded with Android, t-carbon iphone case It has a great 5-inch display, 4G LTE connectivity and an 8-megapixel camera, That's all wrapped up in plastic shells that are swappable and come in a range of vibrant colours..