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Hangouts provides canned responses in the form of text and emoji for messages, but Pebble takes it a step further by allowing you to add five custom responses. The process is completed in a matter of minutes, requiring only creativity on your part. Before you get started, launch the Play store on your Android device and make sure the Pebble app is up-to-date. Next, make sure your watch is running Pebble OS 2.9. You can do this in the Pebble app by sliding out the drawer, then selecting Support, followed by Check For Updates. Let the app do its thing if an update is found.

With the technical steps out of the way, let's set some custom replies, Here's where the creativity I mentioned earlier comes in, Enter your preferred replies, keeping in mind the canned replies already available for whichever app you're t tech iphone case using for messages, For example, Hangouts already has the staples of OK, No, Thank You and Love you, to name a few, Back out of the screen when you're done and wait for a message to come in, When it does, press the middle button on your watch and then select Reply via SMS (that's the wording for Hangouts), You can then select from the emoji listed, using the top and bottom buttons of the watch to scroll or you can select Use templates to view your custom replies..

Once you select and reply, the watch will display a confirmation message and vibrate letting you know it went through (or failed). Even without the ability to send custom replies on the fly using voice dictation, Pebble's approach to working with Android Wear notifications is well-done. Combine the added functionality with the longer-than-a-single-day battery life, and Pebble's offering may just be the best Android Wear watch on the market. A recent update for Android users has made it possible to reply to messages directly from your wrist.

Pebble recently pushed an update for its Android users that brings full Android Wear compatibility to the smartwatch, While the wording may leave you with the impression of being able to run an Android Wear app on your wrist, it really boils down to being able to take action on notifications from your Pebble watch, Meaning if you receive an alert from Hangouts, you can opt to open it on your phone, hide it or reply to it, Be respectful, keep it t tech iphone case civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Getting an accurate idea of mobile coverage in your local area is particularly important right now, because the phone companies are still building their 4G networks, and 4G service may not have reached your neck of the woods yet. The last thing you want to do is commit to a lengthy and expensive contract only to discover that you won't be able to enjoy the service you hoped for simply because you can't get a signal in your neighbourhood. So Carphone Warehouse has partnered up with RootMetrics, an independent company specialising in analysing mobile network performance. One of its major products is the CoverageMap app, which builds up a picture of phone signal across the nation with a combination of scientific tests and crowd-sourced samples from users.

Staff in Carphone Warehouse shops will use the app, helping customers see which network might suit them in their local area, Staff will be able to show customers data on the four major networks -- EE, O2, Three and Vodafone -- showing how reliable and speedy they are in a given area, The app measures call performance, data download speed and upload speed, You can set the app to test quickly run a single test to check coverage where you are, or set it to run continuously for more thorough results, If you have an Android device, you can choose to run the test in the background and get on t tech iphone case with using your phone as normal..

The results are then plotted on a coverage map, which RootMetrics claims gives you accurate information right down to individual streets. Individual networks do provide coverage maps. But because data is gathered independently of the networks, RootMetrics should provide a more accurate picture of network performance than the promises made by the networks themselves. The CoverageMap app is available for Apple iOS devices and Android devices. For more on coverage, including your rights if you're stuck with a sketchy signal, check out this guide by the telecom watchdog Ofcom.

Price cuts start with the i5-equipped 128GB model which is down to £769 -- that's a saving of £80, The i5 256GB model is £949, a reduction of £160 and the i7 256GB version is now £1129, saving you £210, Lastly, the i7 512GB model is temporarily reduced to £1399, down £250, The deals t tech iphone case are available in Microsoft's MSStore, Some of the deals and models are also available in PC World, Currys and John Lewis, By comparison, a 128GB iPad Air 2 costs £559 or £659 with 4G, so even with the price cut the Surface Pro 3 is still more expensive, However, the Surface is an inch-and-a-half larger, comes with a stylus and a kickstand, and can be attached to a keyboard for more involved typing, And of course, because it runs full-sized Windows -- like a laptop or PC -- it's capable of running your Windows software., handy if you're using it for business..