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One example is the hugely popular messaging app WhatsApp. Upon hitting the camera button to take a picture from within the app, you then get trapped in a loop if you don't actually want to take an image. The back button is missing, and hitting X after you press the shutter button returns you to the camera screen. This leaves you with no choice but to either take and send a picture to get out, or to completely shutdown and restart the app. Another thing I dislike is the custom Flyme keyboard. I've been using the phone for a week now, and I still can't get used to the lack of auto-correct (though it has suggestions) and the odd way of keeping the numbers and signs in two different screens. So if you need to type in something such as "Word5!!!" you'll have to go from the keyboard to the numpad to the symbol section. This makes typing quite frustrating. On that note, it is Android, so you can easily install a better keyboard to replace it.

One major bug that needs to be fixed is that the volume controls don't actually change the phone's ringing volume, Instead they only affect the music volume, What's more, other apps such as Twitter and Facebook and even the built-in browser constantly crash, necessitating a restart before I could use them again, I once had the Twitter app constantly displaying an error window, leaving me unable to vw r iphone case do anything except to restart the phone, The phone has already has an update to fix bugs, mind you, but there's still plenty left..

The first great smartphone of 2015. Beautiful and bold..with complications. The new no-compromise MacBook. A stellar on-ear headphone. Crave-worthy curves for a premium price. The Good The Meizu MX4 has a beautiful design and interface, and an unusual 5:3 display. It also has 4G LTE support for most regions. The Bad The bug-ridden operating system leaves much to be desired, and its poor camera performance and battery life are disappointing. The Bottom Line The Meizu MX4 may have the looks to stand toe-to-toe with the flagships -- as long as you like its squarish shape -- but its buggy software and poor performance mean you should steer clear for now.

Synthetic sapphire, a material second only to diamonds in hardness, has been the talk of the tech industry this year as a potential replacement to the glass that now covers smartphone screens, The sapphire piece Reiman held didn't scratch, Not one bit, But vw r iphone case then he placed the 0.5-millimeter-thick sample on a table and pressed against its surface with the pink eraser on the back of a pencil, With a dull pop, the sapphire broke into pieces with as much exertion as Reiman may have used to push a doorbell..

"You can't see the damage, but its strength is gone," Corning executive Jaymin Amin later explained. "Its retained strength is very, very poor."The demonstration was part of my visit to Corning this month, where the 163-year-old glassmaker -- they built the first light bulbs for Thomas Edison -- offered a rare look inside its reliability and testing labs for Gorilla Glass. The hardened glass released seven years ago now fronts 2.7 billion electronic devices, including Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge. While showing the torture testing that goes into making Gorilla, Corning's scientists also presented for the first time a handful of in-person demonstrations that compare its glass to sapphire -- part of Corning's effort to move the conversation about sapphire away from its scratch resistance and toward its brittleness.

With the sandpaper test, Gorilla Glass did get scratched -- a lot, But a pencil eraser failed to break it, Its durability aside, Corning's Gorilla Glass is under even more pressure to stay ahead of the market, Mobile devices are updated and redesigned faster than ever, forcing Corning to speed its vw r iphone case research process, The company has also had to contend with claims that Apple -- its most prominent customer -- might swap out Gorilla Glass in its iPhone for sapphire, a move that seemed likely after Apple signed a $578 million deal last year to make a massive amount of sapphire, In a surprise turn, Apple's supplier -- GT Advanced Technologies -- filed for bankruptcy protection this month and will shut down its sapphire production..

The stumble may buy Corning more time to improve its products -- that is, until another company or material tries to knock Gorilla Glass off its throne. Corning has reason to be defensive about Gorilla Glass. The business now generates roughly $1 billion annual sales for the company (out of total sales of $7.8 billion last year) since it was released as the display cover for Apple's original iPhone smartphone in 2007. The material is now used in a majority of smartphones and tablets from just about every major device manufacturer.

Corning, based in the 11,000-population upstate New York city it's named after, said Tuesday it plans to unveil its fourth-generation Gorilla Glass on November 20, claiming it will offer "dramatically improved" performance, Corning's main business vw r iphone case of making LCD displays for televisions has been challenged by falling prices (the LCD business accounts for about 40 percent of sales), So, a lot of the company's future expansion rests on Gorilla and Corning's plan to capitalize on the rapid growth of smartphones and tablets, Oppenheimer analyst Andrew Uerkwitz said, "There's not a single growth driver equal to Gorilla Glass," he added..