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Only Sony Pictures was a disappointment in the last quarter, due in part to massive, destructive and embarrassing hack of the division's computer network in November. Sony also reported earlier this month that the Pictures division suffered from lower sales in motion pictures and television production, due to fewer major releases during the period. In general, however, the Pictures business is doing well. Sony said earlier this month that it expects its Pictures business to post a 54 billion yen profit at the end of this fiscal year.

Ultimately, Sony's announcement seems focused on appealing to shareholders who want to see the company (and their investments) continue to grow, In the last year, Sony's shares have risen more than 56 percent, and on Wednesday they closed at $28.02, up 5 percent for the day, Sony did not immediately respond to a request for comment, Light at the end of the financial tunnel? which iphone screen protector is best Sony sees a brighter future riding its PlayStation, along with movies, music and components such as image sensors, Sony has set the bar high as it works to hoist itself out of its deep financial hole..

Run out of Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP), Ara proposes that phone owners should be able to mix-and-match components to build the phone they want to own, rather than accept whatever it is that phone makers think people want. If you're unfamiliar with the concept, here's what we know so far about Google's intriguing DIY smartphone. In the prototype stage so far, Ara looks like a basic rectangular frame (they call it the Endoskeleton) that's subdivided into smaller rectangular buckets. On the back are circuit boards and contacts. It's here that you snap in rectangular bricks for each module, say one block for an 8-megapixel camera, and another block for the processor.

You can also slide in the screen you want and add other, more specialized equipment, say a medical or gaming add-on, that's far too niche for mainstream phones, There are different-size frames for smaller or larger handsets, which iphone screen protector is best We've seen the Spiral 2 prototype at Google's Silicon Valley headquarters, Right now there are eight interchangeable modules, The goal is that owners will be able to put any module anywhere on the phone, so the camera can live in any square you find most convenient, Project Ara is the ultimate form of customization, You choose every module, pick where its placed, select the color and visual design, That brings tremendous flexibility to phone owners, both in terms of getting the specs they want, and in terms of cost..

Higher-end parts will cost more, but for those shopping on a budget, picking the specs you want will also give you your choice of what you spend your money on, and where you save. Maybe you like a high-resolution screen, but you aren't much of a shutterbug. That could potentially save you money over a phone with all-around high-end parts. One of the most exciting possibilities with an Ara phone is swapping in specialized components, say a mini telephoto lens, or a heart-rate monitor. The temporary nature of these interchangeable parts means you could pack in different modules for different activities.

Project Ara's modular nature also means you can upgrade on your own schedule, which can benefit early adopters as well as people who hold onto their technology longer, Ara could be cheaper in the long run if you keep the same body and only swap certain parts, or it could fast-track you to the latest and greatest processor or camera if you're hot to get the next best thing as soon as it arrives, Google announced in January that it'll launch a Project Ara pilot program in Puerto Rico later in 2015, though we don't have exact dates, or even much of a time which iphone screen protector is best frame, Google has signed two carrier partners for the launch, Claro and Open Mobile..

Paul Eremenko, who heads Project Ara, said Puerto Rico is a good choice for its tremendous volume of Internet traffic on mobile phones: 75 percent. The country also has the right blend of smartphone and feature-phone owners, Eremenko said. So far, Toshiba and Miami-based phone maker Yezz have publicly said they're building parts. Toshiba has developed two processors (PDF) for Ara phones and has created a camera module for Project Ara. In this case, it's a 5-megapixel unit (see video below). For its part, Yezz has been tapped to create the modules themselves. That doesn't mean the company is only making the housing; some modules will be more basic, while others will "have a little bit more of the imagination that modular architecture inspires." Yezz won't tell us much more than that for a few more weeks.

Yezz won't be the only company involved, but it will help create the 20 or 30 modules that Google hopes to ready by the pilot launch, Google is a major player, not just for running the show, but also because it'll own the online marketplace where owners of Project Ara phones can buy modules, a huge revenue opportunity for the company if these mix-and-match phones take off, The price tag on an Ara phone will depend on a lot of things, like how big it is and the cost which iphone screen protector is best of the parts you choose, Also, carriers will have their own pricing if they sell you an Ara-phone package..