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Not at Microsoft. Microsoft said many of its programs have been written using the same code whether for a desktop or a phone; It's just a matter of how they're used or displayed. Even the company's Xbox video game console, one of the most popular products the company sells, is being revamped with new Windows software and programs that can run on a desktop or mobile device. The company said it would release more details in March. Underscoring its commitment to the one-Windows strategy, Microsoft showed a new Web browser called The new browser's most touted feature: Its ability to work across smartphones, tablets and computers.

Many of the company's other software programs offered a strikingly similar look and feel to their cousins on other devices, Outlook, the company's widely used email and calendar app, is a mere list of messages y-3 iphone 7 case on a phone, Tap one of the messages and it fills the screen, Tapping on that list of emails on a tablet or a computer opens a message to the side, exploiting those devices' extra real estate, Microsoft also gave a glimpse of its futuristic efforts, including a touch-enabled TV-like display, called a Surface Hub, intended for videoconferencing and whiteboard brainstorming, It also offered a new spin on virtual reality with its HoloLens headgear, HoloLens marks Microsoft's entry into the 3D virtual reality market, pitting it against Google Glass, which lets people see images and text layered onto their view of the world, and the more immersive Oculus Rift, from Facebook..

Whether Microsoft will ultimately succeed with this all-inclusive strategy is still unclear. It will be up to Microsoft to attract customers back into the fold when it releases Windows 10 later this year. Can the next version of Windows be all things to all people? That's the big question for Microsoft, and the entire computer industry. Microsoft's answer to the ever-changing world of mobile devices? More of the same. The Redmond, Wash., software giant offered up some tantalizing details about Windows 10 on Wednesday, the highly anticipated upgrade to its operating system designed for both computers and tablets. Unlike past versions, which have straddled a line between annoying and stale, Windows 10 will power new features and capabilities that could change how people use all their devices.

Microsoft didn't mention "Windows Phone" once during the presentation of its new mobile OS, It's clear that the company wants people to think of Windows 10 y-3 iphone 7 case as a single, cross-platform operating system that works on all sorts of devices, Still, we have to call it something, right? For now, get used to the clunky phrase "Windows 10 for phones." We'll keep you posted if this changes one way or another, The Windows 10 start screen on a phone, specifically on the 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520 we saw during the demo, looks a lot like Windows Phone 8 , That means tiles, Lots and lots of tiles..

Presumably, you'll be able to organize tiles and change their sizes the same way. As it stands, your most recently downloaded apps pop up on the top of your screen. Any image you choose for the background now extends to the corners of the screen in a full-bleed layout. The Action Center, where notifications live, gets a PC-like experience with expanding buttons and the power to dismiss items when you're done. Better yet, it syncs with PC tasks, so you don't have to clear notifications twice. Other menus carry over the Windows 10 look and feel, like the Settings screen. The keyboard drags around the screen for optimal placement.

Hallelujah! The messaging app now integrates calling through Skype, Microsoft's voice over IP (VoIP) service, which for too long has remained a standalone app, Microsoft promises that on the front end at least, it'll work as seamlessly as making calls through your operator, As for chats, different messaging services are marked by different colors, but the main point is that conversations are gathered into a single condensed stream, Others have tried this integrated inbox approach before (like BlackBerry), It has the potential to become a noisy jumble, so we'll have to y-3 iphone 7 case see if the color-coded differentiation helps..

Universal apps are designed to run on all Windows 10 devices, from the phone to the Xbox, and are tailored to fit the screen size. Microsoft demoed a few of these on a Lumia 1520, including Microsoft Office apps such as Word and PowerPoint (we didn't get a demo of Excel, sadly.). Microsoft has long emphasized that you can create and edit apps Word apps on a mobile device, to pick up again on the PC. These apps here reinforce that capability, with settings you call up with a one-handed swipe. Miracast support means you can present wirelessly. Wireless printing is also onboard.

Outlook is in the universal app bucket as well, and so are a colorful Calendar app and a Photos app that brings forth various ways to view and edit pictures, including a mode that automatically enhances photos and generates albums, Microsoft's new, clean-looking browser is a universal app that deserves its own breakout section here, Major points include y-3 iphone 7 case the ability to make and share clippings from a Web page, and PDF support, There's a reading list, The minimalist Spartan browser also works with Cortana to anticipate information you may be looking up, like flight times for your upcoming trip..