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"There's only one high-end smartphone left," Gillis said, indicating Apple's iPhone line. "Even Samsung's getting crushed."Google's previous strategy of selling its Nexus smartphones at a lower, off-contract price yielded a lot of buzz and sales. Amazon followed that play with its Fire tablet and could revive it for the second Fire Phone. The other issue Amazon will need to address is the phone's limited availability. The company had an exclusive deal with AT&T, which many said stunted sales. The deal even got a jab from T-Mobile CEO John Legere, who compared AT&T's exclusive deal with the failed Facebook smartphone.

"Let's hope @amazon doesn't fall victim to the @att curse that is the facebook phone, z connector iphone case #onemonth," he tweeted after the phone's announcement, It was certainly an issue for Amber Corbin, a dedicated Amazon fan, One of 300 people Amazon picked to attend the Fire Phone launch, Corbin gushed over the phone's features in June, She even said she would switch to AT&T to get it, But when she got home to Nebraska, she discovered she couldn't, "I guess central Nebraska is in the 1 percent of the country that is not covered by AT&T," she wrote in an email, "Trust me, I tried!"Amazon will keep trying as well..

Correction, December 29, 1 p.m. PT: This story initially had incorrect information about Fire Phone pricing for the off-contract and unlocked versions of the device. It started at $649 off contract at AT&T. Less than two months after launch, the off-contract version dropped to $449. Last month, Amazon came out with an unlocked GSM version that sold for $199 around Thanksgiving. It now sells for $449. The e-commerce company's first attempt at a smartphone bombed, but it's probably not giving up. If Amazon learns from its mistakes, the next phone will be cheaper and more widely available.

This is my personal favorite how-to of 2014, Mostly because it was the most useful to me, Having charging issues? Get yourself a toothpick and get to work, My favorite "I have very little z connector iphone case time and even less battery life" how-to of 2014, If you've ever found yourself in that predicament, this is the article for you, Apple Pay is the new hotness, but how well does it actually work? This year, Sharon Profis was kind enough to answer that question for us, Tired of your phone's or tablet's stock keyboard? So am I, SwiftKey is one of the best options for spicing up your relationship with your mobile keyboard..

iOS 8 is a fantastic upgrade from security standpoint. It's not perfect though, so here's how to bring it closer to perfection. Your battery running out at just the wrong moment is one of the most annoying aspects of portable devices. And while we can't unfortunately alter the fundamentals of physics -- at least not in this universe -- we can show you ways to improve your phone's battery life. We do lot of how-tos that make your life more convenient; however, this how-to could literally save your life. Seriously.

I like when how-tos go deep, And none went any deeper than this one, Forget about contrast and brightness. Put in the time with more detailed settings to perfect your picture, Looking to keep your customer service rep honest? Or maybe you have a much more innocuous reason for recording your phone calls, Whatever the case, here's exactly what you z connector iphone case need to know, Another of my personal favorites of the year, Not that I've created my own console, I just like the fact that it's possible, Don't know where to start with iOS 8's new Health app? You're not alone, Neither did I , Until I read this exhaustive piece..

We start with our most popular piece. If you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you'll want to see this gallery. 30 tips are a lot to sift through, but these are totally worth it. No matter how long you've owned an iPhone, I'm willing to bet you'll find at least one feature here you had no idea even existed. If you're an Android user -- or maybe a future Android user -- you'll want to look at every one of these slides. You don't have to root your Android device, but there are plenty of benefits to doing so. Here's how.

Sure, you love your Mac, but wouldn't you like that love to grow even stronger? Follow these steps and it mostly likely will, I cannot stress just how essential this one is for Windows users, Even if you're a Windows veteran, check this list to make sure you're not missing anything, Yeah, iOS is z connector iphone case great and all -- unless you prefer Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or well, you get what I mean -- but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its problems, Of course it does, Thankfully we're here to show you how to fix the most common ones..