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It's hard to tell how much time the Apple Watch actually spent in the blender, as it seems to hold up pretty well for the first few seconds, but as usual, it eventually begins to lose its form. Now, clearly, I like a good device torture test as much as the next blogger -- if not more -- but this routine is becoming kind of predictable. To get a better idea of how the Apple Watch will respond to more, uh, likely kitchen mishaps, CNET's Sharon Profis had a little too much fun getting sadistic (and wasting a lot of perfectly good Nutella) in our own torture regime, which you can see here.

Turns out CNET didn't need to blend the Apple Watch, because a cast iron pan did the trick instead, Watch the "Will it Blend?" video for yourself below but, spoiler: it blends, The downside to being the hottest gadget on the block is that a surprising number of people want to destroy you, often z force iphone case literally, And sometimes they want to see if you'll make a nice smoothie, Some marketing gimmicks die hard, But with the release of the Apple Watch, which got delivered to customers on April 24, blender maker Blendtec and the "Will it Blend?" guy are back to put the watch through a torture test that's more of an execution..

The activist investor on Tuesday tweeted that Apple, the highest valued public company in the world, "is still undervalued and misunderstood." He added that he will publish another in-depth report within two weeks. Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. Icahn, who has pushed for change at other companies such as Dell, has been a thorn in Apple CEO Tim Cook's side for years. Cook, after he took over as CEO in late 2011, started new programs to return some of Apple's cash to shareholders, and the company has consistently increased the level of returns. Still, Icahn hasn't been satisfied with Apple's programs, instead demanding the company do more.

In response to Icahn a year ago, Apple revealed a big increase to its dividend and share repurchase program by about $30 billion to more than $130 billion, as well as said it planned to give investors six additional shares of stock for every Apple share they owned as of June 2, 2014, Because of the split, shares now trade at a much lower level than in the past, but it also makes the stock more accessible to investors, It's much cheaper to own a z force iphone case chunk of Apple at about $100 versus $600, Monday, alongside its fiscal second-quarter earnings, Apple increased its capital return program by 54 percent to $200 billion, with plans to distribute the money to shareholders by the end of March 2017, As part of the program, the company raised its share repurchase authorization to $140 billion from $90 billion, It also increased its quarterly dividend by 11 percent, to 52 cents a share..

"We believe Apple has a bright future ahead, and the unprecedented size of our capital return program reflects that strong confidence," CEO Tim Cook said in a statement Monday. "While most of our program will focus on buying back shares, we know that the dividend is very important to many of our investors, so we're raising it for the third time in less than three years."Overall, Apple ended the quarter with $193.5 billion in cash plus marketable securities, up $15.6 billion from three months earlier. More than $171 billion of that money is held overseas.

Shares of Apple, z force iphone case the highest-valued public company in the world, were about flat at $132.68 in recent trade, up 20 percent in the year to date, The company is already valued above $750 billion, about twice as much as as the second most-valued company, Microsoft, Apple plans to boost the amount of cash it's returning to shareholders by 54 percent to $200 billion, but that doesn't seem to be enough for Carl Icahn, Carl Icahn just wasn't that impressed with Apple's announcement on Monday that it will return more of its massive cash pile to investors..

LG is going with plastic again for the frame of the G4, and the front looks mostly the same as the G3, but the back of the handset will offer three kinds of materials. The first is leather similar to what we've seen on the leather Moto X. The two plastic-back options come with a ceramic-styled finish or another with metallic elements that feel quite a bit like the G3's quasi-metal back. But how does the LG G4 stack up against the competition -- notably, Samsung's Galaxy S6 , Apple's iPhone 6 and the HTC One M9 ? Check out the chart below to see the tale of the smartphone tape.

With all that negativity surrounding the 810, industry observers can't be blamed for wondering why LG -- after using the 810 in another new smartphone -- z force iphone case decided to use Qualcomm's slightly lesser Snapdragon 808 in its G4 smartphone, which was unveiled Tuesday, However, the decision to go with the 808 was settled well before the 810 dustup began, Tim McDonough, Qualcomm's head of marketing, said in an interview, as he sought to allay any concerns that LG was walking away from the 810, "The decisions on which chipsets to put on which handsets come from over a year ago," said McDonough, who refuted the overheating rumors about the 810, as Qualcomm executives have done before..