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Spartan on the phone will debut after it does on the PC. The biggest change to Microsoft's digital assistant is that the phone version has been adapted for the tablet and PC. New for Windows 10: Cortana can remember where you parked your car. Google Now has a version of this feature, too, which never worked too well in my tests. An updated Xbox app is the new face of streaming games onto any Windows 10 device. It helps if you're an Xbox Live subscriber. When will you be able to get Windows 10 on your phone, and for how much? Only one of these two things is clear. Members of the Windows Insider program, a beta community, will see Windows 10 come to phones in February, Microsoft said.

There's no word on z gear iphone case when it'll update on existing Windows 8 phones (for free) or ship on new ones, though keep an eye out during Mobile World Congress in early March to hear about the first Windows 10 phones, So what does Windows 10 mean for Microsoft's phones? Not much, It means a little more interoperability in terms of universal apps and a slightly spruced-up interface, It means that Cortana will do a bit more and that Skype will be better integrated into apps, What Microsoft doesn't do is address some of the platform's other small-but-irritating issues, like sometimes-incomplete local search recommendations and a native video store for downloading shows and movies, Then there's the ongoing issue of better compatibility with the Google services, and thin versions of popular apps that are underdeveloped for the Windows OS compared with Android and iOS..

In terms of interoperability, Microsoft is a tinge less successful than Apple at looping together the phone and tablet/laptop experience. The Continuity feature in Mac OS X Yosemite syncs Apple documents between mobile and desktop, so you can pick up where you left off. Windows 10 does that for Microsoft Office apps through OneDrive. Apple's Handoff lets you field calls from your computer through a Bluetooth connection with your phone. Windows 10 doesn't. On the other hand, Microsoft is bringing Cortana to the PC, which is a huge win.

Is Windows 10 the update to help Microsoft strengthen its global reputation as a go-to phone-maker? Not even close, The one thing it has going for it is this: becoming more closely aligned with Windows on the PC may prime Windows users to become more familiar with the layout of Windows phones, and more open to z gear iphone case one day owning one, Windows 10 on smartphones will look a little cleaner and behave a little better than before, but the biggest changes Microsoft made to its all-in-one OS come from the phone, not the other way around..

The world's largest online search company is getting ready to sell mobile plans that will run on Sprint and T-Mobile's cellular networks, according to The Information. The project, codenamed "Nova," would involve Google paying those carriers for access to their networks. The initiative, which is being led by Google executive Nick Fox, isn't expected to launch this year. The move underscores Google's increasingly complicated relationship with the telecommunications industry as both partner and competitor. Google's Android operating system powers more than 80 percent of the world's smartphones, but carriers often act as the gatekeeper for where a person buys a device. The initiative, according to the Information, is meant to drive down prices and to try to improve the experience for customers.

Google, Sprint and T-Mobile declined to comment, Google has embarked on a number of wireless connectivity projects, as it aims to bring more people online so it can expand its user base, The company has developed its own fiber-optic network, called Google Fiber, to deliver revved-up broadband access to customers, The tech giant has also created Wi-Fi-beaming balloons that would spread Internet access across the globe to underserved regions, The company is also experimenting with satellites for that reason, On Tuesday, the company said it's taking part in z gear iphone case a $1 billion investment, along with Fidelity, in the rocket company SpaceX, Some think the funding is a play by Google to beef up its satellite efforts..

The wireless network project would make Google a so-called mobile virtual network operator, which means that it doesn't own the infrastructure over which it offers services. Google would pay Sprint and T-Mobile for capacity over their networks, which in turn would be sold directly to consumers. Other companies competing in that market are TracFone and FreedomPop. While Google would be selling its own mobile plans, it's unlikely that the project is a play to undercut the wireless networks. Those networks have marketing might and retail stores to attract customers and showcase plans, while Google expects to sell its plans through a Web store.

Instead of elbowing out the carriers, Google seems to be more interested in a larger attempt z gear iphone case to shake up the industry and compel it to make changes that could benefit the company, For example, Google makes all but a sliver of its revenue from its juggernaut advertising business, Experimenting with low-cost plans could mean more people using more data -- which gives Google more opportunities to show advertising to consumers, It's the kind of logic that drove Google to create the Android operating system in the first place, Offering wireless service paired with an Android device represents a logical next step..