Madonie, una terrazza sulla Sicilia ! Sito in ristrutturazione...

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 INFO TEXT BY GLORIA GHIARA (from Around Palermo march 1998)

Madonie Parks 
From sea to the peaks !

MADONIE: from the coastline to the mountain tops

The Madonie Park spreads from the sea-level coast-line up to the 1,979 m of Pizzo Carbonara. 

It includes fifteen Communes, among which Cefalu, a wonderful old Norman town open like a window on the sea-like vast-ness of the Park, and Castellana Sicula, covered with murales. 

The small towns in the protected area have a unique heritage of art and archaeology and represent an occasion to get in touch with the daily life and the traditions of local people. Here the food and the land products are so tasty and genuine that you must stop at a "trattoria".

Don't miss a visit to the Francesco Mina Palumbo Museum, at Castelbuono (+39 0921373467), where you can admire the collections of the most renowned specialist of naturalistic matters in the region.

To the two main trails described up, you can add the three well signposted trails opened by the Park Agency. 

The first one, leading to Gorgonero, is particularly important, as it is one of the few in Italy where handicapped people, especially the blind, can explore the environment by themselves. 

The Piano Sempria-Piano Pomo trail allows the visitors to admire gigantic centuries old holly trees, while taking the Salvabosco trail you can experience the dramatic problem of forest fires.

Contact CAI (Italian Mountain Club) for your excursion: - Web here>

For further information you can contact the 
Ente Parco Madonie
corso Paolo Agliata, 16
90027 Petralia Sottana (PA)
ph. +39 0921.684011 - fax +39 0921.680478

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